Background Quote Section

Live demo:

1- Create a new basic page and add the quote to the content of the page

2- Upload the background image Settings > Social Media

3- On the page you want the quote to appear, add the tag Admin Show Quote:[QUOTE_SLUG]. i.e. Admin Show Quote:about_quote

We recommend using 1800 x 600 (i.e. an aspect ratio of 3:1).

That said, there is no hard limit or required proportions for these images, so some general rules to follow for optimal display are to ensure:

  • a minimum width of 1800px (to guarantee sufficient resolution)

  • an aspect ratio between 3:1 and 2:1 (i.e. landscape photos at least twice as wide as they are high, and not more than three times as wide as they are high)

Read more image tips here

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