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Add a featured image
The Featured content slider will appear at the top of any page where this image are included.
In any page, navigate to Settings > Featured content sliders. Add a name in label. By default the featured image has a white overlay on the left hand side (see screenshot below), but you can remove this by adding the word 'none' to the image label. Alternately, you can add the word 'dark' to the image label in order to add a black overlay over the image.
Enter the image headline in the Headline / Action text field. For a single headline put one line of text, or otherwise separate with the symbol "|" for a headline and a paragraph below.
Add an existing page slug in the page to feature field, and this will create a link from the featured image to that page.
If you create more than one Featured content slider in the same page, this will create a slider or carousel of images, instead of a one static image. This will look best if you use images with the same proportions.
TIP: If you are logged in as an control panel user you can also use the edit button:
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