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Campaña (English)

Connect a Broadcaster

1- Add a new broadcaster
Your broadcaster is your direct point of communication to supporters who interact with your NationBuilder website. Email blasts and autoresponders are sent from your broadcaster. To set up a broadcaster go to the Communication tab and select the New Broadcaster button in the top right of screen.
2- Connect the broadcaster to your website
Once you have configured your broadcaster you can connect it to your site. Head to the site settings tab and connect make sure the new broadcaster is assigned to the site.
3- Sync your social accounts
Connecting your social media accounts to your broadcaster will allow you to utilise all of NationBuilder's integrations. See the twitter sync example below. (Note: the video below shows our Candidate theme, but the steps are the same for Campaña)
Note that doing the above with the Campaña theme will automatically show your latest tweet at the bottom of each page on your site, just like on the Campaña site (screenshot below). To prevent your latest tweet from displaying on any page, just add the page tag "Admin Hide Tweet Section" to that page.