Connect a Broadcaster

Learn how to connect a broadcaster to begin sending direct communications to your supporters.

Setting up a broadcaster:

  1. Navigate to the Communications tab in the sidebar of NationBuilder.

  2. Select the option to add a new broadcaster and fill in the form with your details.

Connecting the broadcaster to a website:

  1. Connect an existing or new broadcaster to your site by navigating to Website >Your Site in NationBuilders sidebar and then selecting Site Settings.

  2. On the right sidebar under Defaults you can update or select a default Broadcaster for your site.

Any new page that makes use of auto-responders (e.g. petitions or sign ups) will use this broadcaster by default. You can set individual broadcasters on a page level by navigating to the pages Autoresponder tab and updating the broadcaster field.

Syncing your social accounts:

Now that your broadcaster is created and linked to your site it's time to connect your socials. This will allow you to utilise all of NationBuilders integrations. (see twitter example below).

  1. Navigate to Communications and select the broadcaster you set up earlier via the sidebar in NationBuilder.

  2. At the top of the page while viewing your broadcaster select "Connect your twitter account" option to sync it with NationBuilder.

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