External Plugins

Enhance your pages with external plugins. These tools provide extra features like social media connections, SEO optimisation, and e-commerce to make your site more flexible and user-focused.

Instead of dealing with code, Candidate lets you easily create your own embedded section, like Juicer.io or Dogooder, without the need to make a custom page template or add code directly to the page.

Adding an external plugin

  1. Create a basic page for your external snippet code.

  2. On the basic page navigate to Settings > Social Media > Excerpt for Facebook and add the snippet given to you from the external plugin.

  3. On the page you want the embedded content to appear, add the tag Admin Show Embed:[SNIPPET_SLUG].

    • Where[SNIPPET_SLUG]is the slug of the page you created in step 1 (I.e. Admin Show Embed:social_media_stream)

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