Add a logo

Showcase your website's primary logo in the Navbar, while also serving as the default image in donation receipts and various sections of the control panel, including some email blast themes.

  1. Navigate to Site Settings.

  2. Select the Logo tab.

  3. Upload the logo file you want to use.

For optimal display, we recommend using a logo with dimensions of 1200 x 400 pixels to maintain an aspect ratio of 3:1. However, there is no strict requirement on logo proportions, allowing some flexibility in size.

Uploading a logo variant for dark background

If you have a separate white version of your logo intended for use on dark backgrounds, you can upload it to the "files" section with the filename "light-logo" of your websites homepage. Once uploaded, this logo variant will automatically be used on pages featuring a content slider.

Adding the light logo variant:

  1. Navigate to Your Site > Homepage in NationBuilder.

  2. Select the Files tab.

  3. Upload the light logo file ensure the file name includes "light-logo.".

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