Editing your theme

Learn how to customise your Code Nation theme and it's components by making changes to the template code.

Before you can begin editing the template code, you need to create a clone of the theme.

This guide is for people and organizations who would like to edit the theme or alter some elements. If you try to access the edit screen for the main version of the theme shared with your nation you will see a permission denied error. This is because the theme is administrated centrally and admins can only edit themes that live in their nation.

Cloning your new theme:

  1. Follow the steps in our guide Activating your new theme using your existing site or a brand new site.

    • If your existing site is already published, we highly recommend opting for a brand new site to avoid any potential issues with the live site's appearance.

  2. Navigate to Websites > Your Site in NationBuilders sidebar

  1. Using the tab menu click Theme then select New Custom Theme button.

  1. You will now be redirected to a small form where you can name your cloned theme and select the option to clone from the current theme.

    • Note: It may take several minutes for the theme cloning process to complete.

  2. Now that the cloning process is complete you can navigate to the "Current custom theme" tab to edit the theme files and make any changes you wish to apply to your version.

Please note that we are unable to provide support for custom versions of our themes.

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