Show Subpages

Arrange and display a collection of related information, such as articles, categories, products, or services, in a structured and user-friendly manner using the "Show Subpages" feature.

Showing the Current Pages Subpages

The "Show Subpages" feature displays subpages in order of published date, from newest to oldest. To change their order, update the published date in NationBuilder's backend for that page.

  1. If subpages are not already configured for a specific page, take a moment to create some.

  2. On the parent page to the subpages set up in step 1 add the tag Admin Show Subpages.

  3. To edit each subpages card, simply hover over it and click the 'Edit Subpage' button or navigate to the subpage in NationBuilders back-end.

    • By default, the thumbnail image is drawn from the social media share icon of the blog post. If no image is added, a default picture with your logo will be used. You can update the cards thumbnail by navigating to Your Page > Settings > Social Media.

    • The title of the subpage card is directly drawn from the headline of the page in NationBuilder.

    • The content of the subpage card is directly drawn from the first 32 words of the page's content in NationBuilder.

Showing the Subpages of Another Page

  1. You can show the custom subpage panel by adding the tag Admin Show Subpages Panel:[PAGE_SLUG].

    • Where [PAGE_SLUG] is the slug of the page with the subpages you would like to display.

  2. You can follow the steps in Showing the Current Pages Subpagesto set up the subpages and learn how to customise each subpage card.

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