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Latest News Section

Keep visitors engaged and informed by spotlighting a Latest News section on your site.
Candidate Themes Latest News Section
Candidate Themes Latest News Section

Adding a Latest News Section

  1. 1.
    By default if your site has a blog with blog posts, the homepage will automatically show a latest news panel.
    • To hide this panel from the homepage, add the tag "Admin Hide Latest News Section" to the homepage.
  2. 2.
    To add this section to a page other than the homepage navigate to the pages backend in NationBuilder and add the tag Admin Latest News Section.

How to Edit the Preview for Each Blog Post

  • The title of the blog article is directly drawn from the headline of the blog post in NationBuilder.
  • The content of the blog article is directly drawn from the first 44 words of the blog post.
  • By default, the thumbnail image is drawn from the social media share icon of the blog post. If no image is added, a default picture with your logo will be used. You can update the blog article's thumbnail by navigating to Blog Post > Settings > Social Media.
  • The Latest News section will always display the three most recently published blog posts on the site.