Background Video Section

Elevate your content's impact by adding dynamic background videos to engage viewers or spotlight campaign features.

Adding a background video:

  1. Create a new basic page and add a youtube URL to the body of the page. When pasting the URL be sure to paste it without formatting (i.e. without a hyperlink, underline, etc.).

  1. Add the tag Admin Show Background Video:[VIDEO_SLUG] to the page you want the video to appear.

    • Where [VIDEO_SLUG] is the slug of the page created in step 1. I.e. (Admin Show Background Video:celebration)

  2. You can overlay a quote on the video by adding a headline to the video page.

Given background videos are not supported on many mobile devices, you can set a fallback image to use as the background in this section on smaller screens. To do this, simply upload your desired background photo as the social media image for the page.

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