Connect your social media icons

Effortlessly showcase your social media presence by adding social media icons to your website.

By default, your sites broadcaster links will appear as icons on your site. To add other social media icons, follow the steps below.

Setting up your social media icons:

  1. Log into your Nation and navigate to Website > Your Site via the Sidebar in NationBuilder.

  2. Select the Supporter Nav from the tab menu.

  3. On this page, you will find a form with three buttons, each of these corresponds to a separate social media icon displayed beside the navbar on your live site when using our theme.

  4. For each button, add the URL of your social media account in the text section.

    • For example, if you want to add your Twitter profile, paste the Twitter URL into this section.

  5. After adding the URLs, save the changes to this page.

Please note that the default social links provided in this section support platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, and Instagram.

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