Background Quote Section

Enrich your pages by overlaying meaningful quotes on dynamic backgrounds, enhancing message delivery and engagement.

Adding a background quote:

  1. Create a new basic page and add the quote to the content of the page.

  2. Navigate to the Social Media settings for the new basic page.

  3. Upload the background image you would like feature with your quote.

  4. On the page you want the quote to appear, add the tag Admin Show Quote:[QUOTE_SLUG]

    • Where [QUOTE_SLUG] is the slug of the page you created in step 1. I.e. Admin Show Quote:about_quote

We recommend using images with dimensions of 1800 x 600 pixels, maintaining an aspect ratio of 3:1. While there's no strict limit or mandatory proportions, following these guidelines ensures optimal display:

  • A minimum width of 1800px for adequate resolution

  • An aspect ratio between 3:1 and 2:1, meaning landscape photos should be at least twice as wide as their height and no more than three times as wide as their height.

Read more image tips here

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