Collapsed Accordions

Accordions provide a seamless way to organize collapsible items that can be toggled open with a single click, greatly enhancing your page's user experience (UX).

Adding a Collapsed Accordion:

  1. Navigate to the basic content field of a page you want the accordion to display and add 2 horizontal lines (<hr>) above the start of where you want the the accordion to show.

  2. Continue building the accordion by repeating the pattern of separating headings from content using 2 horizontal lines (<hr>). E.g.

  1. Save the content and preview the result.

To alternate the background color and headings of the accordion using your theme colors, add the 'Admin Colored Accordion' tag to the tags list for the page featuring the accordion content. This tag will dynamically style the accordion headers and panels, creating an alternating color scheme based on your theme's color palette.

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