PDF Gallery (Resources page)

Create a central hub that enables users to conveniently access and download crucial documents, including brochures, guides, reports, and forms.

  1. Create a new basic page.

  2. Add the tag Admin Show PDF Gallery to the new basic page.

  3. Create a subpage to this new basic page to store the PDF.

    • By default, the thumbnail image is drawn from the social media share icon of the blog post. If no image is added, a default picture with your logo will be used. You can update the blog article's thumbnail by navigating to Blog Post > Settings > Social Media.

  4. Upload your PDF under Files section of the page created in step 3.

    • To create a resource page that includes a link to a standard basic page (not a PDF), you can skip step 4. Instead, directly upload the content into the content field of the subpage you created in step 3.

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