Add a featured image

Learn how to create engaging content sliders to showcase images, headlines, and paragraphs at the top of your pages.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Featured content sliders on the back-end of any page in NationBuilder.

    • You can also navigate to this section via the control panel shortcut when previewing the page. E.g.

  1. To add a new featured content slide, start by filling out the form.

    • For a single headline, enter one line of text in the headline field.

    • For a Heading and Subheading, input your headline and subheading in the headline field, separated by a vertical pipe "|". (E.g. "Heading Text | Subheading Text")

    • To display a button/link to a specific page on your site input the slug of a page in the page to feature field. If you do not want to showcase another page/link you can input the current pages slug.

More than one Featured content slider in the same page will create a slider of images or carousel, instead of a one static image. More than one image in a same slider will require standarized image sizes or images with the same proportions.

There is no Featured Content Sliders tab in the page settings of donation v2 pages. It is still possible to add a featured content slider to these pages, by following the steps below.

  1. Navigate to the your nations donation page's settings.

  2. Note that this will take you to a url that looks something like:

  3. Replace the edit at the end of the url noted in step 2 with features. E.g.

  4. This will take you to the Featured Content Slider settings for your donation page.

  5. Follow the steps outlined in Uploading a featured content slide:

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